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by Andrew, Amy & Merv Osborne


Amy Osborne and I will be watching the Golden Globes red carpet starting around 6pm-ish…so be sure to join us for enlightened commentary here on the Faceplace and on Twitter @NewBaitShop (because, yes, I’m one of THOSE people now)!



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Golden Globes 2015:  The Live Tweets

The Web Museum

Wired:  What's Inside (Valentine's Edition)

I recently scripted this special Valentine's edition of Wired's animated web series with a look at What's Inside that beloved winter warmer instant hot chocolate!


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The Top Five Films I Saw At SXSW 2017

by Andrew Osborne


Does moviegoing matter? And with so many options for consuming entertainment, is there still a distinction between small and big screens?

In the mainstream blockbuster world, theaters have become theme park attractions with vibrating D-BOX seats and 3-D Imax beasties tearing each other to CGI shreds.

But what makes a low-budget indie worth leaving the couch? It’s a question the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, TX wrestles with year after year, and here are five solid answers from the 2017 edition...


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