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The Ol' Bait Shop Best of 2017:  TV

by Andrew Osborne

In general, television continued kicking cinema’s butt in 2017 as the dominant art form in terms of quality, creativity, and diversity in the pop culture food chain with a show that transformed the medium 25-ish years ago somehow doing it yet again, and even network TV offering some programs as clever and groundbreaking as their smartypants cable and streaming competitors.  ON TO THE LIST!!

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Who Is The Female Hamm?


The following statement may not stand up to National Institute of Science standards of peer review, but I’m fairly certain it’s 100% accurate: all ladies love Hamm..


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So, you Millenials are too young to remember Night Flight...but way, way back before the internet was born, us cranky ol' Gen X-ers would get up to no good and inevitably stumble across the show's inexplicable foolishness in the wee small hours of the night, summoned by the siren call of the USA Network's voiceover valkyrie, Pat Prescott.


Then, the next day, we'd borrow a video camera from Rent-A-Center and go make our own inexplicable foolishness, resulting in the VHS phantasmagoria you're about to experience (thanks to an awesome birthday gift of digitization courtesy of the pop culture princess Kelly Makros, a valkyrie in her own right).


So, for the full effect:  first let the Night Flight intro ease you into the proper frame of mind...









...only then imagine that instead of introducing Twisted Sister, the narrator says, "Tonight, we bring you the first of two episodes of Videohead, featuring the controversial nose sex scene deemed too hot for WCVB-TV in Boston, the Psychoneurotic Squeeb Band's official music video for their smash hit "Sandwich," the hostess with the mostess, Miss Amar, future Double Dong frontman Wilder "Ben" Selzer, Heidi Manzer, Peter Nunes, George Nissler, the late lamented microtonal composer Jonathan Keith, and the dearly departed Special Guest Villain Sylvia Sydney, written and directed by Andrew Osborne, with editing and post-production support from Nick Woodward and Vega Video.


And now (assuming YouTube robots haven't erased the copyrighted music)...please to enjoy the series premiere of VIDEOHEAD.

And now...the series finale of VIDEOHEAD!