Welcome to the NEW Ol' Bait Shop!

The Ol' Bait Shop website launched way back in 1998 to provide occasional updates about yours truly (Andrew Osborne), and my various projects, classes, and opinions.

Now, in 2018, I've recently released a novel and I've got some exciting upcoming projects to promote along with more classes, the New England Screenwriters script consultation service, and lots of other stuff...so, I figured it was as good a time as any to finally update this site for the 21st century.

You can still link to the old Ol' Bait Shop, of course...but the new Bait Shop contains a virtual Osborne Museum of past articles, videos, etc., links to Bait Shop friends, and enough new and upcoming content (here, on Twitter @NewBaitShop, and elsewhere) for all your internet time-wasting needs.

So come on in and set a spell!

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