by Andrew Osborne

The lost indie classics, PukeApocalypse Bop are now available online!  Watch the trailers (to the right), then enjoy the full films (below) as well as the brand new commentary tracks below that.  (And if you'd like more information on the films, please email me at!)

Best of 2015: Movies

by Andrew Osborne

Top Ten lists are obviously subjective…so what makes a movie Best of 2015 material? For me, it’s usually about some combination of the following: originality, degree of difficulty, consistency of execution, and indelibility. Is it a film I keep thinking about? Did it earn its emotional moments fair and square? Was it about more than just what happened on screen? And did it show me something I’d never quite seen before, even if it was a sequel, adaptation, etc.?  In a fairly weak cinematic year, here are the titles that fired on all cylinders for me while ticking off some or all of the above.


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Four Oscar Myths
by Andrew Osborne

It’s Oscar season, which means it’s time for entertainment bloggers and reporters to regurgitate timeworn tales of Sacheen Littlefeather accepting Marlon Brando’s Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather, that streaker running past David Niven, and the following four tired Oscar myths which your pals at Screengrab in Exile would officially like to retire once and for all.


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