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The Old Pod Shop, Episode #4

Best of 2017: Audio

by Andrew Osborne


2017 Theme Song:  “Train Theme"


















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Bait Shop on Double Toasted

Scott Von Doviak and I sat in with Korey, Martin, and Tommy on the Double Toasted podcast during SXSW to promote Apocalypse Bop and sing our favorite Michael McDonald songs (starting around 56:12 in the SoundCloud link above)!


The Society for the Advancement of Hearing Loss is a nationwide collection of musicians who periodically combine their talents (and bands) for theme albums (a '60s tribute, insane kid's music, etc.) -- and since my wife and cat and I are pretty much non-musicians (recording together as The Snerd Unlimited Orchestra), we seemed like the perfect candidates to cover the sonic phantasmagoria "Revolution #9" for SAHL's latest project, a Beatles reinterpretation called The Off-White Album.


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Vamos: The Pixies’ Farewell to T.T. the Bear’s, Boston, MA (6/18/15)

Song of the Week

Heavy Rotation

by Andrew Osborne


On May 19, 2015, The Boston Globe reported that the Cambridge, MA dive bar T.T. the Bear’s Place would be closing its doors for good on July 25th of the same year thanks to a steep rent hike coupled with the fact that the club’s 73-year-old owner Bonney Bouley had already been pondering retirement.

According to the article, T.T.’s general manager Kevin Patey was hoping a few of the local and national acts who’d performed at the venue over the years would return for some farewell gigs in the final days, adding: “Hey, if the Pixies wanna come back and play here, they’re more than welcome.”


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