The Ol' Bait Shop was a college apartment where my friends and I could hide away from the rest of the world and lose ourselves in movies, TV, music, books, comics, etc., etc., etc.

Ol' Bait Shop Productions are my projects inspired by that time and place.

baitshop.org is a new Bait Shop here on the web.


ANDREW OSBORNE was an English major at Harvard University, where he wrote for the Lampoon and the Crimson and studied acting with Brian Cox, Ken Howard and the American Repertory Theater’s David Wheeler.


During time away from college, he co-wrote his first produced screenplay for Troma, Inc. in New York, the ultra low-budget superhero spoof Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD.


After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a freelance script reader and studied improvisational acting with Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Patrick Bristow (Curb Your Enthusiasm) at the Groundlings Theater.  


He also also became an in-house script doctor for MPAA/Orion, writing and repairing screenplays of all genres, including the HBO Original Movies Soldier Boyz (uncredited) and Behind Enemy Lines (but not the one with Owen Wilson).  He additionally wrote and designed several movie-based games for the company’s interactive division, including the murder mystery title Blue Heat, starring Elliot Gould and Paul Sorvino.


In 1994, he wrote, produced and directed the 16mm indie feature Apocalypse Bop, which played theatrically in Boston, Austin, New York, and Los Angeles before going to video.  (Remember video?)


In 1999, he sold a pitch to Warner Bros. and spent a year at the studio in development hell, doing endless revisions on Dramarama, which almost (but not quite) became a Lindsay Lohan vehicle (back before Ms. Lohan started having so much trouble with her vehicles).


In 2000, he co-wrote On_Line, an independent feature starring Josh Hamilton and Harold Perrineau, Jr. that premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.


More recently, Andrew has written web series for Condé Nast (WiredVanity Fair) and scripted the Eisner-nominated Image Comics title Blue Estate (plus a tie-in video game).  His other credits include the plays No Love (2012, Eclectic Company Theatre), Special (2018, Theatre of NOTE), and other theatrical productions, as well as work on numerous studio and indie scripts, comic books, computer games, and a 2008 Daytime Emmy as part of the writing staff for the Discovery Channel show, Cash Cab.


Andrew received a Master's Degree in writing from the University of Massachusetts and recently completed his first novel, Building Heaven.  He currently lives in Somerville, MA with his wife and cat.